The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education’s catalog of Orton-Gillingham classroom supplies and classroom materials is available on our website, The catalog has Orton-Gillingham classroom materials including Orton Gillingham sound cards (card packs), Blending Boards, Orton-Gillingham books such as “Angling for Words’ and “Recipe for Reading.” It is one stop shopping for an Orton-Gillingham reading program. You will find classroom materials for reading, writing, spelling, and reading comprehension for the Orton-Gillingham approach. You can also use our teacher tools to develop Orton Gillingham lesson plans.

The Orton Gillingham Method of Reading Instruction

The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education developed a product entitled: "Sensational Strategies for Teaching Beginning Readers" to allow parents to participate in their child's reading development. It is based on Orton-Gillingham method (multi-sensory, kinesthetic, and phonemic instruction).

The products available in the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education’s catalog will assist the general education teacher. or special education teacher provide a kinesthetic, multi-sensory, phonemic experience for all their students. At-risk students, such as those with learning disabilities in reading or dyslexia, will benefit from the Orton-Gillingham supplies and phonics materials

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